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If you've never made a cocktail before and want to see what the fun is about without needing to get ALL THE STUFF, then this is place to start → Let's make your first cocktail right now!



After reading Fat Salt Acid Heat, I felt impowered to experiment and explore in the kitchen. I experienced the joy of creation.

What if there was something like that for cocktails?

These empowering patterns I call Cocktail Constellations and as I learn more, I'll add more. Then we can all create our own signature cocktails.

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All Cocktail Recipes

Below is a list of all the cocktail receipes I've made and recommend.

⚓️ Army & Navy

Gin, lemon, and orgeat

The Art Of Choke

🫶 Artichoke Hold

Navy rum, Cynar, St. Germain, orgeat

✈ Aviation

Gin, maraschino liqueur, and strawberries

🍌 Bananarac

Cognac, rye, banana, and absinthe

Old Fashioned Family

🍸 Between the Sheets

Pre-prohibition, cognac, rum, orange liqueur

🥃 Bitter Giuseppe

Cynar, sweet vermouth, lemon, and orange bitters

Martini Family

🖤 Blackthorn No. 2

Irish whiskey, tawny port, and rich demerara syrup

🌊 Blue Crush

Rum, lemon, blue curaçao, and egg white

🤭 Blushing Daiquiri

Rum, pineapple, acid watermelon, and egg white

⛵️ Boat Juice

Banana, coconut rum, pisco and cinnamon

🥃 Boulevardier

"A man about town"

Martini Family

🐎 Brown Derby

Bourbon, grapefruit, lemon, and honey

🧊 Brunellle Frappé

Absinthe, lemon, and simple

🌸 Caneflower

Cachaça, Aperol, and elderflower liqueur

🎭 Charade

Whiskey Highball Family

🌌 Cocktail Constellations

☕️ Coffee Cocktail

Tawny port, cognac, and egg — no coffee!

Flip Family

🥒 Cucumber Collins

Gin, cucumber, lime and seltzer

🥒 Cucumber Daiquiri

Rum, lime, and cucumber

🥒 Cucumber Mezcal Margarita

Mezcal, lime, cucumber, and Cointreau

Sidecar Family

🥒 Cucumber Sour

Gin, cucumber, and egg white


🛎 Division Bell

Aperol, mezcal, and maraschino liqueur

💃 Esmeralda

Cachaça, peated scotch, and elderflower liqueur

✨ Esperanza

Cachaça, mezcal, and elderflower liqueur

☕️ Espresso Martini

Vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso

Martini Family

🖋 The Essay

Smoky, light cocktail riff on "The Last Word"

🥃 Fancy-Free

Rye, Maraschino, and bitters

🫧 French 75

Gin, lemon, and champagne

French Martini

Rebalanced fruity vodka martini

🍓 Fruit Season

Simple summer cocktail, use any fruit

🐐 Goat

Savory goat milk punch cocktail

🥛 Milk Punch

🍊 Grapefruit Collins

Gin, grapefruit, lemon, and seltzer

🟢 Greenhorn

Tequila, Midori, and Suze

🖐 High Five

Gin, Aperol, Grapefruit

Daiquiri Family

👑 High Queen Highball

Refreshing gin Collins riff

🕳️ Hole in the Cup

Tequila, absinthe, pineapple, lime, and cucumber

🌭 Hotdog Water

Whiskey Highball Family

🫧 Imperial Fizz

Refreshing, hydrating, bourbon drink


🥃 Improved Whiskey Cocktail

Simple to make, complex to taste

Old Fashioned Family

🧡 It’s just so easy

Gin, clementine, orange cream citrate, and seltzer

🛩️ Jet Pilot

Rum, grapefruit, cinnamon, falernum

🦜 Jungle Bird

Dark rum, Campari, lime, pineapple


🥃 Kingston Negroni

Rum variation on a classic

🥃 Negroni

🫧 Kom Collins

Gin, kombucha, lemon, and seltzer

Daiquiri Family

🍒 A La Louisiane

Rye, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine, Peychaud's bitters, absinthe

Martini Family

🌹 La Rosita

Aperol, mezcal, and maraschino liqueur

Martini Family

🤭 The Last Laugh

Gin, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino liqueur, and cava

😶 The Last Word

Boozy, balanced, and so easy to drink

Daiquiri Family

Let's make your first cocktail right now!

You probably have everything you need in your kitchen right now

✒️ Posts

🫧 Lilac Gin Fizz

Gin, lilac syrup, heavy cream, egg white, and seltzer


🍉 Mai Melon

🍹 Mai Tai

Rum mix, pineapple juice, orgeat, more juices

Daiquiri Family,


🍍 Mai Tai by Garret Richard

Less boozy, more complex, high brow Mai Tai

🍹 Mai Tai

🍺 Mara's Birthday Beer Spritz

Pacifico Clara, Aperol, orange and lemon

☀️ Margarita

Tequila, Cointreau, lime and salt

Sidecar Family

🌌 Midnight

Martini Family

🪲 Midori Sour

Gin, Midori, lemon, and lime

💋 Milano-Torino Sour

Campari, dry vermouth, grapefruit, lemon, and egg white

🥃 Monte Carlo

Rye, Bénédictine, and bitters

⛰️ Mountain Drew

🥵 Naked and Famous

Dry, boozy and incredible riff on "The Last Word"

🥃 Negroni

A bitter classic

Martini Family

🥃 Negroni Sbagliato

Prosecco Negroni, think Negroni highball

🥃 Negroni

🗽 New York Flip

Bourbon, tawny port, heavy cream, and egg yolk

Flip Family

🥃 Old Fashioned

Pre-prohibition, bourbon, sugar, bitters

Old Fashioned Family

💉 Painkiller by Matthew Belanger

Pineapple, orange, coconut, rum and nutmeg

🌴 Palmetto by Paul McGee

Rum blend, Cocchi, bitters

Martini Family

✏️ Pencil Thin Mustache

A cachaça-fernet-pineapple cocktail

📖 The Penultimate Word

Smoky version "The Last Word"

🍹 Piña Colada Milk Punch

Milk clarified: rum, coconut water, falernum, and pineapple

🥛 Milk Punch,


🍍 Piña Colada by Fanny Chu

Demerara rum, panamanian rum, pineapple, coconut, lime

🫧 Pierre Collins

Cognac, lemon, and seltzer

Daiquiri Family

💘 The Pink Angel

Aperol, mezcal, sparkling wine, and seltzer

🏎️ Racecar

Cognac, orange liqueur, orange cream citrate

🫧 Ramos Fin Fizz

Gin, heavy cream, egg white, and orange flower water

🥵 Raspberry Collins

Gin, raspberry, lemon, and seltzer

Daiquiri Family

🥤 Rumhattan

Vanilla Rum, Averna, and bitters

Martini Family

🥃 Sazerac

Rye, cognac, and absinthe

Old Fashioned Family

🦂 Scorpion

Light rum, cognac, orange juice, orgeat


🫧 Sidecar Collins

Cognac, orange liqueur, lemon, simple, and seltzer

🫧 Sidecar Fizz

Refreshing, light Cognac fizz


🫧 Silver Fizz

Gin, lemon, egg and seltzer

Daiquiri Family

🦊 Silver Fox

Gin, orgeat, lemon, and seltzer

Daiquiri Family

🌱 Sleeping Lotus

Gin, orgeat, lemon, orange bitters, and mint

🪞 Smoke and Mirrors

Scotch, lime, mint, absinthe

Daiquiri Family

☁️ Smokescreen

Scotch, lime, mint, Chartreuse

🍃 Southside

Gin, lime, mint

Daiquiri Family

💁‍♂️ The Bachelor

Old Fashioned Family

🗺️ The Lost World

Navy strength rum, banana liqueur, yellow chartreuse, lime


🫧 Tom Collins

Gin, lemon, and seltzer

Daiquiri Family

✳️ Toxic

🍷 Vermouth Cocktail

Sweet vermouth, bitters

Old Fashioned Family

🥃 Vieux Carré

Rye, cognac, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine, and bitters

Martini Family

🍉 Wateremelon Daiquiri

Acid adjusted watermelon juice makes this daiquiri pop


🍉 Watermelon Long

Gin, lemon, watermelon, and seltzer

🥃 Whiskey Sour by Dan Sabo

Rye, lemon, orange, and egg white

Daiquiri Family

🛥 Yacht Rock

Banana liqueur, rum, coconut, cinnamon


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This website lists many of the cocktails I've made and loved.

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