๐Ÿ‘‰ About This Site

The name of this site, Smooth Unfolding is a play on a concept from Christopher Alexander in his 4 volume work The Nature of Order.

...nature always follows the rule that each wholeness which comes into being preserves the structure of the previous wholeness, so that all of nature is just that structure which can be created by a smooth structure-preserving process of unfolding. - Alexander, The Phenomomen of Life, p. 293

He goes on to claim that any human design can only be made whole if it is created by these structure-preserving steps.

Personally, my definition goes something like this: a smooth unfolding of any domain is the thoughtful exploration through it's landscape of infinite possibilities.

Here, I try to explore here my own interests and projects, giving them playful and analytic attention, unfolding them, however rough and incomplete they may be.

For more about some decisions and changes to the site, see ๐Ÿซกย Captain's Logs

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